Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison – Is a kid that never grew up.

“What is an adult anyhow? We’re just kids who accept responsibility and the consequences of our actions. AND…We get to drink beer”! Tim is like the guy you hang out with after work or some guy who happens to sit down on the barstool next to you and the next few hours pass like a breeze. And…you just feel good about it. Whether you’re discussing the trials and tribulations of being a parent, sports fan or just lighthearted sexual observations, you’re laughing at the fact that you’re not alone. Tim is a Chicago veteran of the ‘Stand-up’ stage. Performing nationally and internationally for the past 30 years.

–  Winner of Nat’l Lampoon’s Comedy Playoffs.
– As seen on Showtime, Comedy Channel’s ‘Parents after Dark’ and ‘View from the Cheap seats’.

So have a seat, grab a drink and be a kid who gets to act like an adult acting like a kid again!