Frequently Asked Questions

Q – There are 15 comedians shown on the website, which ones will be at my event?
A – The comedians schedules will determine who will be performing at your event.  Normally there will be 3 or 4 comedians on the show with a possible 5th based on time needed for your event.

Q – How long is the performance?
A – Depending on your event, the All-stars will perform for 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Q – Are the comics on the stage at the same time?
A – Eventually.  Each comic will take the stage as a single performer and then come together as a group to riff off each other in a stream of consciousness form of comedy to conclude the show.

Q – Is their material of clean content?
A – Yes. The comedians stay within the boundaries of a PG-13 rating. Specific language parameters can be discussed at the outset of each event to make sure the lines of good taste are adhered to.

Q – Can the comedians customize material for my event?
A – Yes.  We pick the appropriate comedians to exceed your expectations.  If it is a corporate show, we will meet with you approximately 2 months in advance to tailor the material for your audience.

Q – What type of events to the All-Stars perform for?
A – Chicago Comedy All-Stars are available for fundraising events, corporate functions such as golf outings, sales meetings, product launches, employee recognition, customer appreciation or any event where clean humor will enhance the event.

Q – Do the Comedy All-Stars provide their own sound equipment?
A – No. The contracting client will need to provide a sound system for the event.  More than likely the venue where the function is to be held will have a sound system available for use but prior confirmation of that will need to be checked.

To Book a Show contact Jimmy McHugh at 847-909-5310 or e-mail us.